Baby Red Floki

Elon’s Favorite Puppy Floki on its way to

Baby Red Floki is a New and Exciting Deflationary Token that has 0% Buy Fee to encourage investment. The Sell Tx Fees are designed to add value to our long-term investors in a myriad of ways.

About Us

In The Quest
To Innovate

Our Team Created Baby Red Floki to bring Innovation to the Meme Economy on Binance Smart Chain. Baby Red Floki is a Marvel with Outstanding Tokenomics that Enhance Investors Value and the name is an Inspiration in itself with an aim to reach the Planet Red.

Baby Red Floki is a Deflationary Token meaning that the Supply is limited and is reduced over time. This has the impact of increasing price over time. Baby Red Floki has Everything needed to reach Unparalleled Heights.

Multi-Layered Profits For All

Everyone loves profits, That’s why Baby Red Floki Tokenomics have been Specifically Engineered to bring profits to your Wallet in more than One way. The Reward feature Automatically brings additional Tokens to your Wallet whilst you Sit back and Relax. The Burning feature increases the Value of each Token. The Marketing Wallet ensures steady growth. And finally the Auto Liquidity feature brings Stability to the Price Floor.

Baby Red floki

Token Information

1 Quadrillion

Max Supply

Binance Smart Chain

Token Network

Baby Red Floki

Token Name

Baby Red Floki

Token Symbol

Baby Red floki

Our Features

To prevent Whales from dumping the token at crucial stages of the growth, we have engineered a max transaction limit on selling within the smart contract. This ensures that there are no massive price movements that can prove to be detrimental for the project. Additionally we have set no max buy limits.

3% Rewards for HODLer

This is similar in many ways to how dividends work in the stock market. However, these are automatic and hassle free. 3% tax collected on each sale is accumulated and redistributed to our long-term investors using a special code in our contract.

3% Automatic Liquidity

Liquidity is an essential part of any token and helps to hedge against volatility and price fluctuations. The contract is designed to gradually improve liquidity over time.

3% Burn

Burning of tokens is synonymous with a reduction of total supply. The fewer the tokens the higher the price. Baby Red Floki does this by taking 3% of the tax collected on each sell transaction and sending it to a wallet that no one has access to.

3% Marketing and Development

To ensure that we maintain a steady growth of our beloved token and to develop it into one of the most successful crypto currency. We need to invest in the development and marketing. Baby Red Floki has a 3% allocation for this purpose.

Baby Red floki

Why Choose Us

3% HODLers Reward

Baby Red Floki liquidity will be locked to provide protection against any malicious intent.


Helping others is a part of what we strive for. We will donate a percentage of our profits to help animals in need. And as this is a community token, our members will decide, which charity they wish to donate to.

Earn Passive Income

There has never been an easier way to earn passive income. Just buy your tokens and our smart contract will take care of the rest.

Community Driven

Our community is our soul. We will ensure that all the crucial decision are taken with the help of our community. We love to listen to those people who have believed in our project and vision.

Baby Red floki

Our Roadmap

  • New Website and Branding
  • Social Media Channels
  • Fair Launch
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Launch of our Official Whitepaper
  • Audit Applications and Reviews
  • Listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap
  • Charity Donations
  • Community / Team Building
  • AMA's
  • Giveaways
  • 30k Twitter Followers
  • 30k Instagram Followers
  • 30k Telegram Group Members
  • Red Floki Swap
  • Listing on Major Exchanges
  • Influencer Marketing Push
  • Further Partnerships
  • NFT and Games
  • Further Ecosystem Development

Baby Red floki


Baby Red Floki is a deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain. Its features include automatic liquidity for price stabilization, HOLDR Rewards, burning to facilitate deflation, and a Marketing Wallet to promote the project for growth. A max transaction limit is also in place, preventing whales from selling at mass and dropping the token price

There are four fees but, buyers get charged none of them. The fees are 3% for Automatic Liquidity, 3% for HODLers Rewards, 3% for the Marketing Wallet and 3% for Burning. All these fees are automatic, allowing Baby Red Floki to operate with no human intervention.

For traders to be able to trade a token, the token needs a pool. The larger a token’s pool balance is, the safer the hedge against price volatility or severe price drops. Red Floki charges a 3% fee for liquidity which gets deposited automatically into the PancakeSwap pool, ensuring the safety of the token.

Similar to dividends, HOLDRs rewards get automatically sent by the Baby Red Floki contract to all HOLDRs with Baby Red Floki in their wallets. The more you HOLD, the larger your reward is. The funds rewarded come from the 3% HOLDRs Rewards fee charged at transactions.

For Baby Red Floki to grow, our team needs funds to promote it. These funds get collected from the 3% Marketing Wallet fee charged at transactions and sent to the Marketing Wallet where the team can access it.

When many people sell a token at once, its demand decreases and thus, so does its price. The Max Transaction Limit is in place to prevent whales (people with lots of money) from selling too much too fast, preventing nasty price drops.

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Baby Red Floki